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Planning Applications and Dockets

Examples include: Building Lot Determinations, Site Plan Review, Special Use, and Exemption Plats.

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Record SU-93-14d

Special Use Review

Record Status: BOCC Approved


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Record Details

The project description reflects what has been proposed, and not what may have been approved.  The resolution or determination letter under the Documents section will describe what has been approved.

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Scroll down to see a list of documents associated with this application

Are you the applicant and need to submit a document?

If the record ID above starts with “REQ”

You must also be logged into the website with the same username that submitted the application. Use the blue “Add A Document” button to upload your document. The button is below the list of documents. If you do not see the button, make sure you are logged into the website.

If the record ID above starts with something else

A document cannot be submitted online. Please send the document to the staff member who requested the document.

A file should not exceed 40MB
PDF and JPG file types are preferred

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Processing Status

The processing status may be incorrect for applications submitted before May 2009.  The status will likely be "Application Submittal" for applications/dockets finished before May 2009.

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